Why choose M&O Naturel?

We created M&O Naturel to take care of your skin, more than just cosmetics this is real skincare, especially for temperamental skin.

We offer solutions for skin that is irritated, sensitive, acne prone, hyperpigmented and anything inbetween !

Of course we have routines for behaved skin too! You will only find the best organic oils, botanical extracts and cosmeceuticals.

Our products are Natural, Organic and Swissmade. You will also find many Vega skincare solutions.

You will also find #clean cosmetics from other brands that can be used with M&O Naturel skincare routines.



Organic Carrier oils and Essential oils

About us

We pride ourselves on the choice and quality of ingredients especially selected to take care of your skin.

When your skin plays up and becomes inflammed, irritated or acne prone, we have formulated a solution for you!

The ingredients chosen have amazing properties from anti-inflammatory, to sebum rebalancing as well as anti-oxydant and brightening.

M&O Naturel puts you at the heart of our skincare formulations.

Organic Swiss Made Skincare

M&O Naturel

Take care of you and your baby's skin using only organic ingredients

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