Caroline Perrin
19 feb. 2017
Just these few words to thank you not only for the reception when I came into your shop last Friday, but also and above all for your valuable advice in the field of natural products and cosmetics.
I discovered the brand by accident when "surfing" on the internet and I've browsed your site in detail, before I decide to test your products.
The fact that it is a family business that respects the environment, uses products "Made in Swiss" and provides the information in a transparent way, seduced me.
Added to this, your newsletter, which addresses various thematic, putting sometimes in the light of false beliefs and gives many information quite informative. “

Dominique-Isabelle Silvestri
26 jan. 2017
“I'm making my first court beauty on June 16, 2016 to accompany a friend, and without waiting particular. A superb discovery, of magic products, follow-up and availability of Charlotte and Dennis extraordinary. Since I'm redoing a court on October 1, 2016 and made a contour of eyes from the pockets of the real suitcases... The effect is just incredible, more of blistering under the eyes and on the top, it is so visible that my husband asked me if he could try... well he is just as addicted as me now! My skin has never been so bright and beautiful. Thank You M&O.”

Roxane Jaccard
26 nov. 2016
I was looking for since a moment, the hair products john masters organics since the beginning of September I have to try several my favourites are shampoo scalp fresh scent perfect,honey hibiscus shampoo and mask are super nourishing mask with avocado lavender is super rich they do wonders on my hair which is long end and colorful wicks deco.initially the hair is rèche but it is normal there are no silicones which sheaths the hair and eventually asphyxiated I use before drying the spray scalp and oil anti-frisotti once hair is dry and need nothing more in addition to a cure 3 months (biocide,spirulina,pantothenic acid ) my hair has grown much more quickly than usual, I lose less and a lot of small pushes so that the positive and the only downside the shampoo evening primrose too rich grease my hair quickly has to do from time to time and bring very little...the detangler citrus and neroli is perfect, alternating with the mask and does a good job it's certain that I'll continue with the range masters organics is worth the money, and guetterai the novelty of the brand”

Marianne Overney
23 nov. 2016
“Since I discovered, by chance, products, M&O, I bought no more an industrial product. Everything is gone in the trash! And if I did now, I would have the imagination that I treat my skin, without consideration, without respect and without love. Charlotte and Denis are not only very good advisors as well as very nice, but they are also very has the listening of our needs, and today, this is worth gold. We no longer need to carry around from 1001 products, everything that our skin and hair needs. Thank you Charlotte and Denis.”

Karen D
June 1, 2016

“Just a little hello to you and your wife !

I just wanted to give you a return on my last order
Well I did order the nail Polish Lily Lolo (in 3 colors immediately, with the price being correct)!
The varnish is easy to spread (very good brush) , the colors are beautiful and it holds well !!
I send you a photo with the varnish Soft Coral, that I set on Friday afternoon ! Result : after compliments on this beautiful color, a passage in the basin of physio (with chlorine), showering, washing hands, typing, etc. ( life !!) : I'm super happy
This is a great nail varnish, thank you for the discovery !!
I look forward to ironing your next order, there are always great products
See you soon then, and my best thoughts xxx”

Caroline Besson
April 27, 2016

“A big thank you to Charlotte for his magic products ! They make me a lot of good and my skin revit ! Thank you for all your advice and your sympathy.

I recommend you to all and everyone.”


April 22, 2016
“I thank Charlotte from the bottom of my heart for all his advice and know about the products !
For the first time by Facebook for a serum / konjac / infusion and then a second time in shop for natural makeup !

I was rather sceptical at the bottom of mineral foundation , being a fan of the makeup liquid.
I have a skin problem ( pimples and micro cysts ) and what a surprise this morning by testing the powder mineral Lily lolo !!! Incredible coverage ! Better than my foundation Lancôme has 60 frs which is more comedogenic and stuff of chenit !

So I use 100% natural products on my face for almost 2 weeks and I can already see the virtues ! So a big THANK you to all the team and I wish you every success ! “


Amanda D
April 8, 2016

“Thank you so much for your advice and how fast for delivery ! Products very pleasant to use, I look forward to seeing the future effects on my skin "


25 feb. 2016
“Just a word to say to you : MERCIIIIII
The Konjac sponge is really great! J really love it! What sweetness but it feels just the same as It exfoliates a bit. A treat.
The synergy of vegetable oils is great! The coconut oil has brought new life to the lips with a delicious flavor in premium, and the cheeks of my snowmen are irresistible to kisses!!! We could eat!
Thank you! Stay tuned for the new mask that I've not yet tested !
I am delighted!”

Laurence B
2 feb. 2016
“Three months ago I was in tears and desperate with my skin I had rosacea with buttons, she was so sensitive, his stomach was aching from and reacted to all conventional cosmetics.
I called to aid, M&O Natural was at the end of the line and reassured me that they had a solution to my skin problems. I was afraid that it gets worse but I wanted to try natural care products because I couldn't see more alternatives and I was totally disillusioned by the synthetic cosmetic.
They have advised me the trio of Moscow.(Liniment, serum, Moscow and infusion of Everlasting). When I started using it my skin me his stomach was aching from always but Charlotte I was warned that the skin could get worse before they get better. A week later she told me his stomach was aching from less. Now it's been three months that I use the products in M&O Natural sponges Konjac, and make-up Lily Lolo.
I have no more redness, more pimples and my skin is healthy! I love all the products from the boutique M&O Natural and personalized advice!
I also made an appointment with the dermatologist that I was able to cancel! I will never use never industrial products! Try the vegetable oils you will not be disappointed!
Thank you very much M&O Natural for all of your help and your listening.”

18 jan. 2016

“AUGUST 2015:
Valerie 36 years : rather neat - on the lookout for the latest cosmetic products miracles and make-up extraordinary with the cares of sensitive skin, mixed, dehydrated, and buttons or micro cysts very frequent, which was really fed up to test a multitude of products so called miracles, heavy strippers my skin and my wallet......

I started to do some research on the net and I stumbled quite by accident on a blog M&O Natural and then a trigger happened : "why not arrest all the chemicals stuffed with junk and I turn to the natural..
I have made contact with Charlotte and what a beautiful encounter !!! She took the time to listen to me and advise me to explain to me and I left the shop happy and with my new program made by her husband.

- Morning and evening : a Liniment (which I was somewhat troubled at the beginning) of how this could remove makeup thoroughly but gently ???? And now I spend more it's just géniiiiallllll !!!!
Infusion that I vary depending on my mood and needs
Serum London : mixed skin : this stuff is top it moisturizes really and I is absolutely not at the level of the forehead and the nose : the small miracle
- Evening : Sponge Konjak : a small peeling gentle and perfect makeup removal

From time to time a mask to Clay : not bad to avoid the relapse of ugly buttons

After the issue of the make-up had to be asked : yeah what's the good get to natural cosmetics, if by it we continue to put the bottom of dyed stuffed with components that are ragoutants!!!
Neither one nor two, Charlotte has everything you need : LILY LOLO !!!
This brand is amazing !!! A wide range of choice in mineral foundations, eye shadows and brushes : very soft and not lose hair : which is rare !!!

JANUARY 2016 (after 6 months of use)

Valerie 36 years + a few months : always tidy, who has a skin less reactive almost more of micro-cysts, and from time to time a small button and is absolutely convinced of the benefit of the natural and its incredible talent who is delighted to have crossed paths with Charlotte and M&O NATURAL !!!”

3 oct. 2015

I wanted to thank you for your quick sending as a result of my visit to Marly.
The black bottle are beautiful. Bravo !

I wish you a beautiful weekend in the fall.”

2 oct. 2015
“Good Evening Madam,
A big thank you for your quick response. I am reassured and I will buy in my next order.
I was delighted to speak with you and congratulate you for your professionalism. I appreciate your products and am looking forward to see more of them.
I wish you a good weekend and I hope that I will have the opportunity to move to Marly.”

30 sep. 2015
“This short email to tell you that I received the package, packed carefully, and that the color medium of the bb cream is perfect. Thank you !”

23 sep. 2015
“So here's a month that I use your fantastic products and I see (for once) the difference, it is as if my skin told me THANK you :_)))
I think I have finally found THE solution, too géniiiiiiiiiiial”

Florence M.
August 21, 2015

“I am very happy to have taken the decision to switch to natural!
The first 3-4 days, this was not very pleasant: the skin of his stomach was aching from, and produced an amount of oil amazing. But I've had no worsening of my flushing and redness. And then, all these inconveniences have disappeared. As for my redness type of rosacea, it seems to me that this tends to decrease. It had been several years that I had not seen my skin like this. And this after not even 2 weeks, I can't believe it. I am eager to see how this is going to happen in the coming weeks, and of course I'll keep you updated. I am also very satisfied with the mode of application of products, especially the serum: unlike creams traditional, just 2-3 drops to cover the whole face.”

Corinne H
August 10, 2015
“The trio is perfect for my rosacea, texture very nice and guaranteed result.”

Jacqueline G.
June 4, 2015
“I'm very happy with the items I received, the delivery was very fast. It only remains for me to test the products. Thank you.”


June 3, 2015
   “Thank you for your quality services ! I would recommend without hesitation on your site, I am delighted that it exists. It was a long time that I was looking for products like yours, and I am not disappointed. Products well packaged, very quickly arrived, and customer service impeccable. I have no complaints to make !”

Sirpa G.
June 2, 2015
“I am so happy!! My skin has improved in only a few days..incredible!! My skin is the worst since I had my Hashimoto's diagnosis..But in a few days using M&O Natural products my skin has calmed down and looks so much better!!! “

Magali Has
June 1, 2015
“Super-range M&O Natural ! Melting Texture cream ... body Scrub and luscious coconut and sweet oil and nourishing ! Am a fan !

Dominique B
May 27, 2015
“After I received the cream with Shea butter and coconut that have amazed me (texture and effect on the skin), I've discovered there are some week the serum Milan. Another marvel. My skin is beautiful, the serum is very pleasant to use, the smell is magical. After having been a fan of the "big brands" of cosmetics for years, I am conquered by these excellent products at affordable prices.”

Emilie C
May 23, 2015
“The products are of very good quality that I enjoy very much and a very good home... take a tour, you return to!”

Marie-Margot Q
May 22, 2015

“The kiss mint is very well, thank you again”

Laurence C

May 20, 2015

“Serum very effective and full of discoveries!”

John L
March 10, 2015
“The butter sole is very good, we toast our son, all the days with. Nice to have a baby that smells like coconut !”

Fanny S.
28 jan. 2015
“Very nice discovery! Congratulations and thank you for the welcome!”