M&O Natural, a family business of cosmetics

M&O Natural has been created in Switzerland in 2014. Charlotte and her husband have wanted to find a range of cosmetics that originally, would adhere to the skin very responsive of their little boy, prone to eczema. The company manufactures its first product : a body butter that soothes irritations and prevents their appearance. The success is at the rendezvous, the couple steadily expanding the ranges of facial and body for the whole family and all skin types. Now, M&O offers both skincare products and beauty treatments that protect and soften dry skin, atopic or mixed in grasse.

When family history turns into a brand

Since the conception of their first references of cosmetics, M&O is above all a family business, which has found its origin in the needs dermatological Oliver, the little boy of the couple, and her sister Molly. The brand name is derived from the first initial of the first names of the first two users of the care of the face and the body offered by the brand.

The philosophy of the M&O Natural is simple : use the assets found in nature to beautify and take care of their skin, regardless of its fragility. The nature, and particularly the vegetation, contains active ingredients in hand sanitizers, moisturizers, or even soothing, to transform the care routine into a real moment of well-being and relaxation durable.

In addition, the different articles of the blog M&O Natural bring a wealth of additional information, such as, for example, the advice of use, the precise composition of a product, or informative articles on the entire world of organic cosmetics.

The dermo-cosmetic, mid-way between the beauty and dermatology

Dermo-cosmetics is more of a philosophy than a science, strictly speaking. It brings together stakeholders and researchers from both areas beneficial for the skin, dermatology and cosmetics. To simplify, it is by studying in depth the type and the grain of the skin that the laboratory can offer face care and body care also sensitive skin and for the environment.

At M&O Natural, the design of a product dermo-cosmetics should not be taken lightly. It is the result of a passionate work between designers and chemists, who combine their know-how to offer you care for the body and ranges of care to the assets of the plants for the face.

The main priorities of the trademark M&O Natural are to provide you with the care you need, regardless of the issue encountered on your skin and you guarantee the quality of the ingredients used in the creation of beauty products and skin care. M&O Natural is also eco-friendly in offering their products in containers made of glass.

No product is tested on animals, and you will find many care vegan.

The brand is held naturally at your disposal to advise you on all of their products and their overall philosophy.