General M&O Natural

Why products sent by post are they filled with plastic protection and "chips" while the company says it cares about the environment ?

  • M&O Natural do not buy new products timing for shipments, or very little because we have so much packaging (bubble wrap, chips, etc...) coming from our own suppliers that we reuse it instead of throwing them away.

Is the payment by card is possible in a store ?

  • Yes, it is possible to pay by card at the shop. Unfortunately we can not accept card " Postfinance "

Why is it that some of your products are sometimes out of stock for a long period of time?

  • We are dependent on the time limits imposed by our laboratory and it is true that we are experiencing some delays. Please do not hesitate to call or write us an email, we ask for more information.
  • Our raw materials are natural and it happens that some crops have been less successful from one season to another, this sometimes has an impact on our suppliers, who are in turn out of stock e. t sometimes we have to look for another provider which has an impact on the level time limits

Is it your products to M&O Natural are Vegan?

  • Most of our products are Vegan except the lip balms, hands, and bearded, which contain beeswax.

Is it that your products are tested on animals?

  • No absolutely not!

Is that the mark M&O Natural is Organic?

  • Yes, our products are organic and 100% Natural. We do not have the certification for the moment, which is very expensive. All the ingredients used are also certified Organic.

Do you deliver outside of Switzerland?

  • We do not deliver outside of Switzerland because of the exorbitant fees of the port and customs, which are not advantageous for our clients.

Is it that you products are manufactured in Switzerland?

  • All our products are manufactured in Switzerland, in a laboratory in the canton of Valais. We encourage to the extent possible, the suppliers, and distributors in Switzerland for our raw materials.

Precautions for use and against-indications

Is it that I can expose myself to the sun after applying the products of M&O Natural ?

  • For most of our products this does not pose a problem. Sera already have naturally a sunscreen of 5.

However, in deodorants " citrus ", scrub "citrus fruits" (products that contain citrus essential oils) can be photosensitizing and leave stains on the skin. It is, therefore, not expose to the sun after application.

If I am pregnant, can I continue my usual routine : liniment – infusion - serum ?

  • The liniment and infusion are perfectly suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as the majority of our sera. The serum New York contains essential oils, it would be preferable to ask us for a serum measure without essential oils

The natural scents of plant oils I dislike. What can I do ?

  • You can make contact with us directly and you will be pointed on a selection of essential oils that will, even with a low dosage, to alleviate the fragrances that bother you.

Do not add essential oils without having first taken the opinion of a competent person.

The use of health care M&O Natural

Is this that deodorants leave marks on dark clothing ?

  • No, forcing the deodorant and applying it, no traces will remain on clothes.

How to make a bath with the oils ?

  • You can two teaspoons of oil in four tablespoons of milk, or two handfuls of Epsom salt (mix well). Pour into the bath water once the tub is filled. Good bath !

Be careful to clean your bath after it can be slippery!

The texture of a traditional creamy'm missing, how can I do ?

  • Yes, it is sometimes difficult to get used to the texture of the oil only. One can, however, mix a little into the palm of the hand, add the serum and emulsify between both hands. The consistency becomes more "milky" and applies like a cream.

How to use the serum capillary ?

  • You can apply it on dry hair and let the serum to act during a night (you can put a cloth towel on your pillow to protect it). It will be enough to make a shampoo the next morning. Apply the serum on the scalp and lengths
  • You can also put a drop in your hands and pass on tips during styling if your hair is very dry.

I would like to begin to use natural products. Is it that I can progressively stop the cosmetics traditional in order to finish the bottles already begun ?

  • It is clearly better to switch to cosmetics directly to 100%. You can choose the right time.
  • The natural products do not like the cosmetic conventional, it's the same make-up as conventional. To have good results, it is all or nothing.

Is the range of medical services M&O Natural is suitable for children ?

  • The care most suitable for children are the butters "Unique" and "Quiet" (as early as 5 years because it contains essential oils) . Oil for the body "The Natural" is ideal for babies and children, the liniment for the exchange of the baby.
  • When the sweating is manifest by unpleasant odors, the deodorant "palmarosa" will be shown. In relation to the rest of the products, it is necessary to assess the situation on a " case by case ". We remain at your disposal for further advice.

My skin is worse than before since I started the natural treatments what do I do?

  • Sometimes the skin to make a sort of detox and the skin may get worse before getting better. Sometimes it goes very well and two weeks later, it is drier or has more buttons, redness etc.. this is normal it's called the rebound effect. For more information: Click here
  • The skin takes 28 days to renew itself, the results can sometimes take more time before I see you.
  • Always test a new product in the crease of the elbow and leave for 24-48 hours
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts

Makeup and makeup removal

Is this the mascara Lily Lolo are resistant to water (waterproof) ?

  • No, the mascaras do not stand up to water but it is this which makes them very easy to remove makeup, gentle, respecting the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Is it that I can use the liniment as a makeup remover ?

  • Yes, you can remove makeup from face and eyes using the liniment.

Particular Indications

Can you propose solutions to treat eczema ?

  • Butter "be quiet," contains essential oils and vegetable oils having properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial recognized. Thanks to this composition this butter to relieve skin irritants such as eczema for example.
  • It is also important to try to determine the cause of the eczema.
  • The pathology can sometimes have as their origin an emotional wounding that it is good treatment by another approach, such as the flowers of Bach for example.

Bach flowers

Is it that the products M&O contain the flowers of Bach ?

  • No, none of our formulas contain flowers of Bach. We offer targeted consultations on request, by our colleague Lise diploma in Bach Flowers.

What happens at a consultation ?

  • The consultation will take place in the shop, in a space reserved for workshops, outside opening hours, for obvious reasons of privacy. The session lasts an hour and costs 80.-. The preparation of the Bach flowers selected measure is included in the price of the consultation.

Is it that the consultations are reimbursed by the funds additional ?

  • No, the sessions are not reimbursed by the complementary insurances.

Consultations M&O Natural

What are the conditions of the consultations M&O Natural ?

  • The consultations last approximately an hour and costs 65.-. M&O offer you a discount of 10% on the purchase of products, following the session. The price of the session includes the session and an update on the situation after a month.
  • We do not make diagnoses of skin problems, this must be done by a dermatologist to be able to better advise you
  • The consultation allows us to take into account all the elements that can influence your skin, physical, mental, dietary, hormonal etc..

Is consultation makeup by a professional makeup artist?

  • No, the purpose of the consultation is to take the time to test different products and shades of foundation, blush, etc for example. This prevents buying the wrong shades by mistake.

Trainings / workshops

I have no knowledge in the field of natural cosmetics. Is it that I can still enroll for the training offered ?

  • Yes, the courses are adapted to all levels of skill.

I attended a training course and I want to create my serum. Is there anything I can do to prepare for M&O Natural ?

  • Yes, on the basis of the formula, M&O Natural can be used to prepare the serum for the price of 65.-.

Do you sell oils in greater volume?

  •   You can buy oils in larger quantities from us, simply contact us for an offer.


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