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The quality of the products in the range of cosmetics M&O Natural has conquered already many people who could not, for anything in the world, return to beauty treatments for face and body conventional.

It is so heartening to see that our formulas are appreciated, but the greatest gift is to observe the changes on clients, time and time again, have a skin that is changing, and that is balance.

One might believe that natural products are mild and therefore ineffective.

With M&O Natural you are the living proof that the range that we design and'll beef up each day is "an iron hand in a velvet glove".


Would you like to integrate our range of products to your assortment ?


It is in the store (food stores, natural products, handicrafts, BULK, ...) or in cabinet (beauty, massage,...), you have the opportunity to resell our products.

We only use vegetable oils of first quality Bio that have not been raffinnées and which therefore retain all their properties.

 Huiles végétales Bio

The Vegetable Oils that we use in our products:

Jojoba oilCoconut oil
Hemp oilBorage oil
Rosehip oilEvening Primrose oil
Argan oilOil Macadamia
Seed oil of sea BuckthornTamanu oil
Grape Seed oilSafflower oil
Oil of BaobabRaspberry Seed oil
Shea butterOil, Pomegranate and more

The essential Oils

Lavender, True LavenderAbsolute of JasmineVanilla extract
Tea TreeGeraniumWood Ho
PalmarosaPeppermintRosemary Verbenone
Cedar AtlasLemongrassand much more

Botanical extracts

We also choose a variety of plant extracts and Organic in synergy with the vegetable oils provide skin care rich in natural active ingredients.

As for our products:

Serum Oléolift

Serum Oléosens

Serum Capillary Oléos

Oil the Bearded Tonka

Our range is constantly changing and we are always in search of new active ingredients 100% Natural for our clients to have the best of nature.

Several partners are already collaborating with us. You can find here :


If you have succumbed to the delicacy and the variety of our products and want to offer them in your boutique or store, or even use them in the context of your professional practice (firm, aesthetic, massage,...) do not hesitate to contact us.

Gamme M&O Naturel, soins cosmétiques 100% Naturels