Determine your skin type

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Can you answer each of the following questions:

1era PART

How to characterize your skin :DryNormalMixedFat
In a dry environment, without a moisturizer, your faceIs very dryFeels like a tug of war,Does not feel anythingIs shiny
In a magnifying mirror, how many pores do youNoSomeA lotThere are a lot
Do you have pores that are cloggedEverRarelySometimesAlways
Total Points 1era Part
Do you have redness on the faceEverRarely1 time/monthThe moins1/sem
Wear costume jewelry, cause of rashesEverRarelySometimesAlways
Perfumes, bubble baths, body lotions which make your skin dry or do you itch it ?EverRarelySometimesAlways
Can you use soaps of the hotel on the face or bodyYesMost of the time without a problemNo, often I have problemsNever, I always have problems
How often is your face blushes after a physical exercise, stress or emotionEverRarelySometimesAlways
Total Points 2nd part
After having a button, is there a tracking task, brownEverSometimesOftenAlways
The brown spots of your face get worse in the sunI don'tI have not noticedA little bitA lot
When you go in the sun-do you develop frecklesNo, neverA few appear each yearI new oftenMy skin is already dark
What is your hair colorBlondeBrownBlackRedhead
Do you have a history of melanoma in your familyNot1 personMore than one personMany people
Total points 3rd party
Do you have a wrinkled faceNo, not even smilingOnly when I mouseYes, when I have expressionsYes, even when jen'have no expression
For how many years have you been exposed to the sun for at least 2 weeksEver1 to 5 years5 to 10 yearsMore than 10 years
What age gives you?1 to 5 years lessYour age5 more yearsMore than 5 years
In your entire life, how many cigarettes have you smokedNoSome of the packagesMany packagesEvery day
Do you eat fruits and vegetablesEvery meal1 time per dayOccasionallyEver
What is your skin colour naturalBlackTannedClearVery clear
Total 4th part

To post your points : give 1 point for each answer A, 2 for B, 3 for C and 4 for D.

For the 1st part, 4 to 10, you have a skin type is DRY and

10 to 16 , a skin-type FATTY

For the 2nd part, from 5 to 12, you have a skin type RESISTANT and

12 to 20 , a skin type SENSITIVE

For the 3rd part, 5 to 12, you have a skin type NOT PIGMENTS

12 to 20 , a skin type PIGMENTEE

For the 4èmepartie, 6 to 15, you have a skin type that is NOT RIDEE

15 to 24 , skin type RIDEE