How to use our facial care ?

Is it that it is complicated to treat her skin to the natural?

No, it is necessary to clean it up and feed it everything it needs.

And of course drink a lot of water, about 2 litres per day and eat healthy. A healthy body, a healthy skin.

I recommend three phases:

  1. Clean the liniment Oleo Limestone with a cotton ball (do not rinse)
  2. Spend a little infusion on your face again with a little wadding
  3. One to two drops of a serum adapted to your skin massaging gently

The Liniment

The liniment is often used in France, but most of the liniments sold to new chemical ingredients that are not necessary. Our liniment is made of Lime Water and Sesame oil bio, cold pressed deodorized. When the Lime water is mixed with the oil a reaction of saponification occurs, similar to soap. This gives an action of soap surgras ideal to remove impurities, water-resistant and oil-resistant.

As most know, the liniment is basic and to balance the pH it is advisable to always use an infusion. PersonnelVous can use it as a makeup remover for the whole face including the eyes but some people more sensitive may use a light vegetable oil for the eyes as for example Jojoba oil or Coconut oil.

The Infusion

The infusion is the result of the distillation of flowers, bark, peels etc. for the production of essential oils. It is therefore of the water with about 0.2% essential oils. Each Infusion has been associated with different so there are one or two hydrosols that will be tailored to your skin type or skin problem.

There is a large selection of hydrosols , it is necessary to ensure the quality and the brands that we recommend are Florame and go-Kart.

Our Serums

We sell several serums for the face, which are suitable for different skin types but we also do custom mixes to meet your needs.

A good serum is a serum adapted to your skin type even for oily skin. We always think that it is necessary to strip an oily skin but the problem is worse. We must nourish and help to balance to reduce the production of sebum. Each oil has its virtues, and, therefore, there is an oil or a synergy of oils for all skin types and all needs.

It is just necessary to know well how to combine to have the desired effect, depending on the fatty acids, vitamins and other active principles.

When you apply your serum, time for you to dress-up the oil will be completely absorbed. If it is still a little greasy it is that you put a little too much and just tap it with a tissue paper before you put your makeup if you put. The skin absorbs what it needs.

We add natural Vitamin E (Tocopherol) to all our serums, it is an antioxidant that protects the oils and it is also beneficial to your skin and slow the aging process.

Aloe Vera

Two to three times per week you can use Aloe Vera gel to exfoliate your skin. The active principles of the Aloe vera exfoliates gently. The application of a thin layer on the face, do not rinse and leave on. Use between the infusion and the serum.

It frequently happens that the skin condition worsens during the 1st weeks of natural treatment when the skin has not been accustomed to natural care. This concerns approximately half of the people who start for the first time this type of treatment.

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