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A Serum for dry skin rich in fatty acids and vitamins, nourishing and regenerating.

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A Serum for dry skin rich in fatty acids and vitamins. A nourishing and regenerating


  • Argan oil Bio
  • Avocado oil Organic
  • Oil of Rose of Muscat Bio
  • Borage oil Organic
  • Vit E

Argan oil(Regenerating and nourishing).

It is full of vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acid, nourishing and prevents aging of the skin while protecting against free radicals and reducing inflammation.

Avocado oil (Protective)

It nourishes and helps fight against the aging process. This oil can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen. It can be used alone instead of the cream for the eyes, because it will naturally take care of the soft skin that surrounds them, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Rosehip oil (Healing and Anti stains)

The cold pressing of the seeds contains a very high proportion of fatty acid poly-unsaturated fatty acids that act on cell regeneration and contribute to the flexibility of their walls. This property regenerating makes this oil an excellent asset in the fight against the effects of age on the skin.

Borage oil (Revitalizing)

Borage is mainly in providing a fatty acid in which the woman often becomes deficiency with age. It is well known by those who want to preserve their skin from aging or have dry skin. She restores and suppleness, elasticity and tone to the skin, it nourishes.It gives tremendous results for skin dry, wrinkled, devitalized and tired.

In a bottle of 30ml purple glass anti-UV.

Apply the serum morning and evening to the place of your day cream or night.

We recommend that you follow the three steps:

  1. Liniment
  2. Infusion
  3. Serum

Give up all conventional cosmetics!

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