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Trio Combination Skin


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Trio combination skin , beautiful skin in three steps

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Also called Immortal, thanks to his never-wilting flower, she is well known for its amazing soothing properties and protective. It will calm the sensitive skin.

1 x Face Serum Moscow

You suffer from rosacea, rosacea? Here is the serum for you, 3 for vegetable oils in the virtues fantastic to reduce the redness.

1 x Liniment - Skin Cleanser Size-100ml

Our liniment is a gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types.

Available in glass bottles of 100ml and 200ml

Created by combining Lime Water and Organic Sesame Seed Oil 

1 x Kit Cotton Ecru

Kit-Cotton-off-white 20cm x 20cm x 7cm


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In three steps you will find your skin more healthy and daily care will help regulating the sebum and decrease buttons, and a skin hydrated.

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