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Infusion of Cornflower


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Infusion of Blueberry for tired eyes and astringent properties

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Glass bottle of 200ml with pulveristateur

Latin name : Centaurea cyanus
Part distilled : flowers

The latin name of Cornflower, Centaurea cyanus, comes from the Greek "Kentaureion" which means "herb of the Centaur Chiron". It is he who first discovered its virtues !

The properties of the infusion of Blueberry

Soothing : The main property of the Blueberry, it is soothe eyes tired and irritated by pollution, allergies, or simply fatigue. It soothes also skin irritants, or damaged by the sun, for example.

Astringent : An infusion of Blueberry will tone the skin and tighten pores thanks to its astringent action, which will improve the appearance of the skin.

Anti-inflammatory : The anti-inflammatory action of the infusion of Blueberry will relieve congestion in the eyes and swollen eyelids. It will also calm the inflammation of the skin and the mouth.

For babies

The infusion of Blueberry is very soft, perfectly suitable for the skin sensitive babies.

When to choose an infusion of Blueberry?

  • Anticerne
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Sty
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Erythema of infants
  • Fatigue Occulaire

Care anti-dark circles and pockets

For a treatment concealer, it is necessary to soak two cotton oval floral water of cornflower cool see cold compress on the eyes at morning and night for at least 5 minutes.


Keeps in the fridge up to 6 months after opening.

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