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Exfoliating Rosaly


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Exfoliating with the Pink for the Face

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Our exfoliating powder is composed of 100% Natural ingredients.

You can adapt the texture to your preference, add more or less of the powder in a liquid or cream of your choice.

I recommend the Jojoba oil or the Coconut oil.


Powder Oats:

Rich in active ingredients with soothing, anti-oxidants and nutrients, such as beta-glucan, the avénanthramides, phosphorus, B vitamins, protein...

  • Calm skin prone to itching and irritation
  • Softens skin sensitive and delicate
  • Accelerates the healing and regeneration of the skin.
  • Emollient, softens the skin and helps maintain hydration
  • Soothes the skins prone to redness
  • Helps to improve and maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevent the signs of aging skin
  • Leaves a soft touch

Raspberry seed

Exfoliating for face and body 100% natural, the powder of the seeds of the raspberries gently cleanses and strengthens the film layer of the skin.

Powder of Bamboo

It helps to eliminate impurities while providing hydration to the skin healthier. It stimulates its new cells (fibroblasts), improving the production of collagen and elastin. Firming effect guaranteed!

The silica grains eat away our dead skin cells to exfoliate the skin gently.

Powder of Rose petals

The powder Pink of the virtues, regenerating and toning properties it is suitable for all skin types and is known to prevent or reduce the signs of aging. It also has a divine scent.

Powder Aloe Vera


Aloe vera has many virtues skin : it is moisturizing, soothing and regenerating. It also has healing properties, ideal for skins prone to acne, and anti-aging properties. Aloe Vera also contains salicylic acid which helps with exfoliation of the skin.

Powder Marshmallow

Healing and regenerating, it also takes care of the sensitive skins, irritated, damaged or sensitized. It moisturizes, protects and repairs dry and dehydrated skin.

Studies show that aqueous extracts of Marshmallow, have the ability to soothe the skin irritation but also promote the healing and repair of skin and mucous membranes by stimulating the proliferation of epithelial cells.

Mode of employment:

Mix about a teaspoon of powder to a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Add more or less powder depending on your need. Gently massage your skin for 5 minutes then rinse off.


Avena sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour*, Rubus idaeus seed, Bambusa arundinacea stem powder, Rosa sinensis powder, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice powder, Althaeae officinalis powder. *ingredient from Organic farming

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