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Apricot oil Bio (30ml)

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Oil fine structuring which gives flexibility to the skin and combat wrinkles
100% Apricot Oil Organic cold pressed.

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Apricot oil Bio (30ml)

INCI: Prunus armeniaca

Appearance : oily liquid fluid

Color : bright yellow sometimes orange

Smell : slightly nutty and bitter almond

Touch : fat.

Active constituents :

Vitamin A : responsible for the color of the oil, and appearance good-looking skin, a powerful antioxidant and protective

Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) : antioxidant naturelPhytostérols : enhances the barrier function of skin and microcirculation, inhibit skin aging, anti-inflammatory, protect against UV.

Triacylglycérides : properties, softening properties and softening properties, helping to rebuild the lipid film of the skin


  • Dyed in dull, tired, asphyxiated
  • Skins are shriveled, tired, crumpled (décolleté, face and hands)
  • Skins without tone, devitalized

Its lubricity makes it an excellent oil for massage especially for babies.

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