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Hazelnut oil Organic

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Hazelnut oil Organic 30ml

Recommended for oily skin

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INCI: Corylus avellana seed oil

- Appearance : oily liquid fluid
- Color : light yellow
- Smell : pleasant smell of hazelnut
- Touch : sec. It penetrates quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy film.

From Turkey

Fatty acids

  •          oleic acid: 8% to 25%
  •          linoleic acid: 66% to 83%
  •          palmitic acid : 5% to 9%
  •          stearic acid : 1% to 4%

Other active constituents :


Vitamin E : natural antioxidant

Squalene : nourishing Lipids

Tannins : astringent Properties

Beta sistérol : Quiet inflammation


This vegetable oil restores the hydrolipidic film thanks to the large percentage of Fatty acids, Mono-Unsaturated (MUFA) which helps protect the skin by preventing microbial attack and in preserving the tightness of the skin (to maintain hydration of the skin)



  •          Sensitive skins and sensitive deficiency in film hydrolipidic and particularly the skin of babies, aged people.
  •          It calms the itching, skin inflammation of dry skin that become irritated easily.
  •          It promotes the healing of cracks (breast, hands, feet).
  •          It is suitable for oily and combination skin to trends in acne.
  •          It is an excellent vegetable oil for massage.

Applied on the face daily, the hazelnut oil has the effect to tighten the pores and combat blackheads. It is also regulating the production of sebum. It leaves your skin soft, satiny and perfectly processed. Without leaving a greasy feel after application.

Properties :

Penetrating : It penetrates deeply without leaving a greasy film on the surface of the skin. It reached the hypodermis (deep layer of the skin), and even the muscles.

Sebum regulating : the vegetable oil of Hazelnut regulates the production of sebum of oily skin and softens dry and sensitive skin.



Short shelf, oxygen, heat, light, the alter very quickly. To prolong its shelf life add 3% Vitamin E


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